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JTG Signature vanilla biscuits, topped with a layer of fondant  handpainted in watercolours. Comes in boxes of 20.


This product contains; eggs, dairy and gluten.

Water Colour Biscuits - 20

Water Colour
  • Handcrafted bespoke favours and cakes brought to you by Just The Gem.

    These biscuits are custom designed, they are bespoke in design so no two will be the same.

    They are all made to order and so can be customised with different choices of colour etc. If you would like a custom shape please specify.

    JTG have handmade ALL products and the images included belong solely to Just The Gem.

    Biscuits are made with locally sourced fresh produce, and organic flour and vanilla. With the use all free range, locally sourced produce as we are offering a premium service. While these biscuits do not contain any nuts there are nuts and nut traces in the Just The Gem kitchen, so if you have any allergies please contact us and let us know ahead of time. Likewise if there are any dietary requirements please drop us a message and we will endeavour to meet these for you.

    Biscuits measure between 4.5cm - 8cm and are around 0.9cm thick including fondant.

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